Sept. 10, 2023 - June 2024

We invite you into a new developing vision for KidZone. 

Our ambition is to AWAKEN ALL GENERATIONS AT LAWSON TO A LIFE WITH JESUS by showing them who they are in Him and how to do the works He did in their Life Network!  

See, kids are so important to Jesus! And we have created KidZone for kids who come to Lawson, to learn how to be followers of Jesus, and as the participate they will have a whole lot of fun while they do!

Registration is available online.  

Each Sunday, we would like all parents to stop by the KidZone sign-in table (on the left as you come in the front entrance) to sign in their kids. Kids will be dismissed during the Morning Worship Service and you can walk them to the lower level for their KidZone class. 

In Summer months (July & August), KidZone is open for nursery to age 5 each Sunday at 10:30am.  

We also have a Mom's Room for feeding infants within the sanctuary with one-way glass, toys and dimmable lighting and sound.  

KidZone Plan2Protect Program

Here at Lawson we take your child's experience and safety very seriously, and all our works have been Criminal Record Checked and screened to serve in our ministry. 

All KidZone volunteers who were unable to attend the Policy Party can call the OFFICE and do the training online

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