Main Session #1:
Under Pressure
In the first main session AJ addresses the difficult year we have gone through but reminds us of how God has continually shown up for His people in the hard times. We might feel under pressure right now but Jesus is calling us to walk in-step with Him every day as a way of relieving it. Let us allow Him help carry our burdens, and guide our lives.
Main Session #2:
Total Chaos

In the second main session AJ discusses how often we find ourselves in the middle of absolute chaos and asks the question of how do we live in God’s peace during those moments? The main passage used is Philippians 4:4-9 where we receive a framework for living in that peace that goes beyond understanding. Let us pray when we face worry, stress, anger, anxiety and frustration and allow God to meet us in the chaos.
Main Session #3: Chasing Happiness
In the third main session AJ addresses our how our joy will never be complete until His Joy is in us. We can search for happiness but the things of the world will never satisfy. Sometimes we have to give up really important things in search for happiness and sometimes we need to face the sins in that search. AJ encourages us to remaining in-step with Jesus as He enables us to find His Joy, and His joy makes ours complete. His Joy comes from learning to love the things that Jesus Loves
Main Session #4: Coming Back Home
No matter how bad your choices have been, no matter how many mistakes you have made, your Heavenly Father still loves you and is offering you forgiveness if you come back home to Him.
Briercrest Worship #1:
God’s Faithfulness
Join Briercrest Worship in Week One as they sing of God’s Faithfulness. God is working even in the hard times, and is always faithful to His people. Let’s celebrate who God is and commit to praising Him.
Briercrest Worship #2:
God’s Peace
Join Briercrest Worship in Week Two as they sing of God’s promise of Peace. God is with us even in the hard times, and is always faithful to His people. Let’s celebrate who God is and commit to praising Him.
Briercrest Worship #3: God’s Joy
Join Briercrest Worship in Week Three as they sing of God’s fulfilment of joy in our lives. God is the provider of true Joy and we should celebrate who God is and commit to praising Him.
Briercrest Worship #4: God’s Promises
Join Briercrest Worship as they lead us in the final worship set for YQ@Home with Catch me Singing (5:28) and Egypt (6:07) and their final song after AJ’s final main session talk with Promises (7:06).
The YQ Show #1:
The YQ Show #2:
The YQ Show #3:
Testimony #1: Emma
Testimony #2: Caleb
Testimony #3: Adam
Breakout Seminar #1:
A Device-Driven Age
With all the hand-wringing about how technology is changing our lives (often for the worse: The Social Dilemma, anyone?). It is important to discuss strategies that will help us thrive as humans-in-God’s-image in a decidedly device-driven culture. We may not be able to opt-out completely, but in this session, Joel Houston will discuss how we can approach our devices, habits, and decisions in ways that encourage human flourishing.
Breakout Seminar #2:
Pressure to Conform
In this seminar, we’ll consider the various ways that societal culture, friends, politics, media, and other influences pressure us to conform. We’ll review common tactics that are used to influence conformity. We’ll also review what the Bible has to say on this topic, including a case study from the book of Daniel, investigating how Daniel and his friends were able to respond appropriately to these pressures.
Breakout Seminar #3:
Pressures of Dating
Michael and Alicia will be talking about relationships. How should we be thinking about relationships as Christians? Should we date? How do Christians and Non-Christians differ in their views on dating? These and many more questions are what we will be trying to answer. If you are looking for a biblical view of relationships and dating then this is the seminar for you.
Breakout Seminar #4:
Now What?
When we encounter big decisions in life, they can leave us scrambling as we attempt to figure out our next steps. The transition out of high school can be intimidating and confusing, especially as there is often a lot of pressure on us to make the right choices. This seminar will look at how to navigate through this kind of season and where God might be leading you both in the present and the future. We will embrace a biblical understanding of what God uniquely has in store for us and what we should actually be pursuing and devoting our future to.
Breakout Seminar #5: Loneliness
In these days of co-vid, many of us are struggling with the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and abandonment. However, these feelings are common to everyone (and have been long before this present pandemic. How do we respond? What are some things we can do to combat these feelings? This seminar aims to provide some wisdom and practical things you can do to help with the struggle of feeling alone.
Breakout Seminar #6:
Leadership Battleship
Battle Leadership is about Leadership Myths: The purpose of this workshopis to help our students re-think what leadership is and what it takes to be a leader. We want to challenge the leadership stereotypes and encourage young people to address what might be holding them back, our hope is to open up honest conversations about leadership; our fears, our insecurities, our own biases.
Breakout Seminar #7: You Are Gifted
Do you wish people would stop asking you, What are you going to do after high school? During this seminar we are going to explore the ways you can better understand your unique wiring, personality, interests, and gifts so you can move towards a career you are wired for! Work isn’t a bad word. In fact, God wants to bless you through your work. We are going to take a story-telling approach that will help you discover patterns in your life that reveal the kinds of work that will lead you towards meaningful and enjoyable work in your future. You don’t have to wait until high school is over to intentionally prepare for a career that is going to bring you fulfillment and enable you to live out your purpose. I can’t wait to explore the amazing possibilities God wants to show you about the types of work he has wired and created you for!
Breakout Seminar #8: Your Identity
Do you ever hear any of these messages around you or even in your own brain: What am I good at? How am I going to decide what to do? How does everyone else keep it all together? Who are my people? Will I ever fit in and feel comfortable? What am I going to do with my life?The bigger question behind all these questions is simple and haunts us: Who am I? And it’s a big question. It can cause conflict and crisis inside yourself, in your relationships and sometimes in your mental/physical health. So join us as we talk about why life is like this and share some simple hacks to embrace it and walk through it with faith, hope, and most importantly, love.