Walk this Way

The elementary school my kids attend has hosted an optional pride walk for children during lunch break. Personally, I feel that my child should not be having conversations or activities to promote sex and sexual attraction at a young age (Kindergarten and Grade 2). I also feel this is an area that it is important for people of faith communicate and live out their faith and values. 
Here is the entire email I sent to the teacher and principal: 
I am just writing to communicate that our family cares deeply about respecting others and being kind and caring to all people. 

We do not support pride activities in schools. I understand that these kinds of activities are often initiated by the school division and government, and even students and families. However these activities do not reflect our values.

At some point, I know leaders, teaches and principles often think, “I wonder what the people in my community think and how they feel.” So this is how we feel.

Our family aims to be kind, caring, respectful to all people. We aim for humility and not pride. 

Let’s enjoy our beautiful country with being kind and caring to all Canadians and all peoples. 
Our family isn’t perfect, but I desire that we would honour God and not be afraid of being judged by those who oppose our beliefs. 
As we stand up for our beliefs, it is always important that we are loving, kind and respectful. I don’t believe it is ever appropriate to demean, put down, or be disrespectful to anyone, ever. I wonder if those who have a differing view will be able to hold to their values without judging and being disrespectful to me.
I’m reminded of Daniel in the Bible. He was taken prisoner, but continued to honour the Lord instead of worshipping the king of Babylon. Daniel and his friends found a way to humbly follow God in the midst of his circumstances. His humble faith was a testimony to the king and continues to be a testimony of God’s grace throughout the generations. May the Lord bless you as you walk in humility, truth, kindness and love. 
Joshua 24:15 “… but as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”
– Just for the record, the principal’s response was very kind, respectful and consistent.
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