Step by Step

           As part of our ministry and experience, it is necessary for us to understand the culture. It can take years to get a good grasp on another culture, but there will always be some parts we don’t quite fully understand. We started our journey today with a trip on the Metro to the Basilica. It is the place of most significance for Mexicans in the catholic faith. It is the place where Diego received his vision of Guadalupe and that was the catalyst for many Mexicans to embrace Catholicism.

            As we walked around the many churches, we walked up the steps to the top of a hill where a church stands marking the spot Diego received the vision. As we walked up the last set of rocky stairs to that church, Ray invited us to pray a name of God at each step. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to focus on the Lord God.

            We then took the Metro back to our neighbourhood and walked to Heather Hahn de Cabesas’ house for lunch. We enjoyed her company and encouragement as Heather and Rebecca Ross guided us through some orientation for San Pablito.

            Then we walked back to the Ministry Center where we are staying. We did a lot of walking, over 16,000 steps. And ended our day with practicing our Good Samaritan skit and team debrief. In our team debrief, we discussed how we all experienced the Basilica. For some there was an appreciation for the beautify of the architecture, for others there was some frustration with how the catholic church conquered and lied to the native Mexicans. In the midst of all of this, we were able to see truth – “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almight, who was and is and is to come.”
    More pictures will come, we are trying to make sure we focus on serving people where we are and being good listeners more than taking great pictures. 
– Pastor Tyler