Lawson Heights Alliance Missions

Seamless Link


Our Seamless Link

Lawson Heights Alliance Church has a Seamless Link partnership with Heather Hahn. This means that we specifically partner with Heather and the ministries that she is directly involved in. We pray for her and her ministry, send short term teams to serve, send young adults to do internships, and give financially towards her ministry in Mexico City.
Desiring to fulfill the responsibility of Lawson Heights Alliance Church (LHAC) to the missionary agenda within the Gospel of Jesus…we propose to build a bridge of shared ministry with Heather Hahn deCabases, our International Worker in Mexico City.

In Home Service

  • We COVENANT to report and pray regularly for the ministry of Heather Hahn.
  • We COVENANT to incorporate the ministry goals of Heather Hahn into our strategic planning.
  • We COVENANT to equip intercessors and servants for short-term ministry teams

In On-Site Service

  • We COVENANT, to provide within its means, on-site teams to serve in agreed upon strategic initiatives.
  • We COVENANT to pray for our interns, short-term and long-term ministry persons who serve on-site.
  • We COVENANT to financially assist Heather Hahn and approved on-site persons and teams as agreed upon annually.

In Bridge Service

  • We COVENANT to cooperate with fellow cluster churches to raise the level of prayer and faithfulness to our Seamless Links.
  • We COVENANT to be guarantee our Global Advance Fund, Canadian Ministries Fund, and Seamless Link Fund giving commitments.
  • We COVENANT to develop strategic associations where needed to accomplish our commitments to our Seamless Link.

Alliance Missions

As part of the Alliance thrust into the 21st Century and with a view to hastening the return of our Lord and King, we have identified four areas of the world that are home to millions of these ‘least-reached.’   To identify these regions and make it easy to remember them in prayer, we have created the Five S Venture to underscore our desire to reach these peoples. The five S’s are: Silk Road, Caribbean Sun, Desert Sand and Asian Spice. and Sea to Sea.

  • Silk Road: From Turkey to northwest China, through to Iran and Tajikistan.
  • Caribbean Sun: Sharing the message of Jesus Christ in Latin America.  
  • Desert Sand: More than 150 million people call the Desert Sand region of Africa their home.
  • Asian Spice: Taking the gospel to the Far East.
  • Sea to Sea: Canadian church planting