Lego Movie Music

My son was invited to a birthday party and they went to Lego Movie 2. I figured I’d go along and watch it too, cause I like animated movies (aka cartoons).
I was kinda curious how they would handle the music side of things.The original Lego Movie had an extremely popular song that I won’t mention because you may have just got it out of your head. So, could they find a new song that would instantly be that popular?
The answer is… maybe.
Time will tell, but our family has discovered two things: 1) The original Lego Movie song is now stuck inside our heads and 2) There are at least 2 new songs that can easily get “stuck in side your head.”
So in an effort to get them singing something else, here are some links of our go-2 favourites or things that I want to focus them on:
  1. KidZone Youtube Playlist – I update it once in a while to keep some newer songs on top. 
  2. LHAC on Spotify
  3. Air1 “Worship Now” App
  4. KLove Radio App
  5. Love the Lord lyric video by Crossroads Kids
  6. Bethel Music Kids
  7. City Bible Kids on youtube