July 7 – Nic Peters

We got together for breakfast and then headed out for our first and only event today: repainting a preschool. In Mexico, school is supposed ot be free but due to corruption they don’t get any money for kindergarten. So we got together, bought the materials and turned a boring old tan building with the minions and a few other figures painted on the front to actually quite bright and beautiful building. We even got an artist (the guy we were staying with) to paint several things on the walls and let me tell you, it’s awesome. And at the end we all got together and threw a ton of big bricks onto their roof, so they could build a teachers room on top of the main room. We didn’t just throw them though, we formed a chain and passed the bricks from person to person. Then we headed home after about 8 hours of work, had supper and went to bed.