All kinds of ministry

            Today we started the day with a simple breakfast. The coffee was hot, but not very strong and made with a lot of sugar. It was way too sweet, but it’s all good.

            We went to Rosa’s hogar house, and we got to hear her story and I got to pray for her son Manuel who is in a stroller and has some sort spinal condition and is not able to walk or fully control his body. She prays every day for Manuel and he’s actually getting better – Gloria Dios! Glory to God!

            Then we got to spend time learning from the artisans how they do their work. Our group went stayed at Guardancia’s house and I made a ring and Nic made his the fastest – well done!

            We went to Pastor Ciro’s house and got to hear his testimony. Ciro and his wife have had some incredible ups and downs, but through it all God has been faithful. It has been incredible to hear their heart for their community and call to ministry.

            Then we put on the service. We started with a new song, Dios Imparable God of the Impossible,led by Dan (the C3 Youth pastor) and I played electric guitar. Our team acted out the Good Samaritan.

  • Jessi read the story (she’s the student from C3 that joined our team).
  • Aaron was the man walking on the road who got beat up.
  • Shawna and Jenica (Dan’s wife) were the robbers.
  • David and Nic were the ones who passed them by.
  • Janaya was the Good Samaritan.
  • I (Pastor Tyler) was the inn keeper.

            Then I got to speak and challenge the students: God loves us – we can love others and honour our parents.

            Everyone did a fantastic job. For me, one of the best part was after the workshop. Our team did an incredible job connecting with the students, encouraging them, and praying for them. I got to pray for Eleazar – that he would be strong, courageous and follow God all if his life.
– Pastor Tyler