July 4th – A New Beginning

            The day began with a bit of commotion – Ray (the Envision site coordinator and our team leader) misplaced his wallet! He searched everywhere, checked Mega (like Walmart), and finally found it in his shaving kit. Once he found it, we were on our way.

            The ride was relatively uneventful. The scenery on half of the drive was quite flat, and in the distance, you could see some Aztec pyramids and the mountains. One we reached the mountains the scenery was amazing, and the roads had many twists and turns. The roads were in better condition than I remember, but I did almost hit my head on the ceiling on a couple of their many speed bumps. Instead of having speed limits and police enforcing it, they just put up speed bumps. Maybe that’s why, in some cultures, they call them sleeping policemen.

            We stopped in Pauhautlan and received a tour of a small coffee plantation. He picks the beans in December at his property, brings them to his shop, dries them on the roof, separates the beans from the shell through a machine, then roasts them. One thing he does differently than anyone else, he adds sugar after the beans are roasted and then roasts the sugar and beans together for another 30 minutes.

            Unfortunately 40% of his coffee plants have been overtaken by a plague this year. The plague will kill the whole plant and it will take approx. 3 years before the plat produces a good amount of beans.

            Then we arrived in San Pablito. We got to hang out with a family and she shared the story of how her family came to faith and joined the local church. Aaron shared his story and we had a great day. They made fresh corn tortas into quesadillas for supper with Oaxaca cheese.

            Then we walked down and up some rock stairs to Ismael’s home. It is a very large cement home and we’re very thankful to call it our home in San Pablito.
– Pastor Tyler