In Summer

     In the Bible, we see Daniel (this Sunday’s KidZone lesson) had almost everything taken away form him. He was taken captive, given a new name, new language, and new education. In the midst of all this, what does he do? We don’t really know every detail. What we do know is that he did all that was asked of him with excellence and faithfulness, until the people in power forced him to act a certain way (eat the dreaded king’s food). David had foundation that was firm and not swayed by his educators, captors, or the culture around him. That’s what I want to strive for, a heart and attitude that are focused on Loving the Lord God with all my heart (Mark 12:30) even in the midst of extreme circumstance.
     It’s been cold outside, like really cold. We don’t want to spend too much time focusing on the days when the grass will be greener (or even visible), but now is the perfect time plan ahead when we are thinking about our summer plans.
     Will you intentionally plan your time so that it helps your family grow in faith? Usually if we wait for later, it doesn’t happen, and if we don’t plan, nothing also happens. 
A. This summer is likely the best time for you and your family to consider Bible Camp. There are lots of great camps in the area – Redberry Bible Camp, Ranger Lake Bible Camp, and Camp Kadesh to name a few. Maybe you want to take your holidays and rest in God during Family Camp. So far, it looks like our family will be heading to Redberry’s Family Camp. And if Bible Camp isn’t in your families budget, LHAC can sponsor you – talk to Pastor Tyler. Bring your friends, and especially non-Christian friends, to camp. And lastly, when it comes to camp, encourage your kids to share their faith and make friends with someone who doesn’t know Jesus, especially if they’re from the same neighbourhood.
B. Plan to go to Church on holidays. Almost every where you go has a church. You may have a great experience, or you may have a challenging one. Either way, it is awesome for your family to continue to worship God.
C. Read your Bible and sing songs. Holidays are a great time to spend extra time in the Word, be refreshed, and listen to songs that focus your heart on Jesus.  Listen to LHAC Sunday Songs on Spotify, tune in to a local Christian radio station, download some Adventures in Odyssey, or listen to the Air1 App.