Hola Mexico

Joe & Dianne Simard gave a couple of us a ride to the airport, picking me up at 4:00am, David at 4:07am, and Aaron at 4:12am.

Our travel went well with only a few minor inconveniences. Aaron’s handles broke on his carry on suitcase, but he was able to rig up a strap with duct tape. On the flights, it was great to spend time with our team. Our flights were smooth, we made our connections, we arrived 30 minutes late, and had to wait over 1hr 15min in the customs line. We were very thankful to get an amazing exchange rate as we changed our dollars in for pesos.

We arrived at the ministry center, a little later then expected, quite hungry, but all in good spirits. We went to El Caliente for supper end were able to get our first taste of Tacos el Pastor.

Back at the Ministry Centre, Ray and Cindy walked us through some orientation.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to come to Mexico, experience the culture, grow in our faith, and serve the church in Mexico.
– Pastor Tyler