Hello and Goodbye to our SP Friends

I am in awe every morning as I gaze out upon the valley and mountains from the rooftop of Ismael’s house (where us guys are staying). Each day the clouds roll through in various formations with the sun shining through illuminating their edges and highlighting God’s beautiful creation.

Today we got to head to church in San Pablito. Being a pastor, I figured I would be invited to share something, so I prepared a bit during my morning devotions. Dan (C3 Youth Pastor) and I were invited up on stage to play the 2 songs we knew in Spanish. As the service went on, sure enough, I was invited to bring greetings. So I went up and shared and it went very well. Then on my way down, Chuy came up to me and said, “Hey, remember how you said it takes you many hours to prepare a sermon. Well I forgot to mention that you get to preach this morning for 20 minutes.” And I said, “I just shared, is that what you mean?” And he said, “No, now you get to do the sermon for 20 minutes.”

Ok, so here we go! As I had the opportunity to preach, I went through Psalm 1, and verse 3 stuck out. It talks about a tree that is planted by streams of water bears fruit and there are so many different kinds of trees and plants that grow in the mountains of San Pablito. May it be a reminder for them that they can grow like the trees on their hills as they spend time in the Word of God.

I also Praise God Leobardo and his family showed up. They are a family I stayed with 5.5 years ago and I don’t think they had been around very much. His daughter, Sonja, join us for lunch and I pray she will be a light in the darkness, that she would be a strong evangelist and leader in her school and in San Pablito.

Then we said our good-bye’s at our host homes and began the voyage home. The ride home was slow as there was lots of traffic and we were anxious to get back to the guest house in Mexico City and make contact with our families.
– Pastor Tyler