Half Way There

     We are very thankful for those who have donated through the Sunday morning offering and through our Dessert Auction. We are currently half way towards our team goal of $8000. We have also purchased our plane tickets. However, tickets were a little more than budgeted, which means we may need to raise an additional $1200. We’ll keep you updated. In the mean time, we’re still in fundraising mode and looking for people to donate items for our church garage sale which takes place June 2nd.
     What makes our trip truly unique, is that the 6 of us will be partnering with 6 locals from Mexico City who are also fundraising as we make the trip together to the village of San Pablito.
     We fly out of Saskatoon on July 1st at 6:15am and arrive home at midnight on July 10. Please pray for our families as we will be away and missing them a lot.