Forget this, let’s plan for summer

Are you loving the ridiculously cold weather?

We had a great January with pleasant winter weather, but lately it’s been cold. 
We don’t know what summer is going to look like with vaccines, policies, and all that jazz. But we DO know that summer is coming. So I’d encourage you to keep your eye on what the government tells us in the area of Bible Camps. If we plan our summer vacay and then camps open up, many people will not have time for Bible Camp. However, if we keep our plans flexible and our eyes on Bible Camp, we can adjust our plans and send kids to camp. Yahoo! Or better yet, we can take our whole family to Family Camp.

Why go to Bible Camp?

  • Campers get to basically experience church 5+ times in one week!
  • Campers get out of the house and get exercise
  • Campers get to socialize and bring friends
  • Campers have a week full of Christ-centeredness
  • It will be a life changing experience
  • It’s one of my 6 Essentials for Disciples who Walk with Jesus (now you’re wondering what the other 5 are…)
  • And lets be honest, it’s great to have our house a few decibels quieter
Why do you love camp?
On another note, since it is cold, and this happens every year, make the most of it and invite some friends to your favourite sledding hill, skating rink or to your backyard. Or stay home and play a board game on Zoom with your friends after the kids go to bed. You can do it!
P.S. I’m in the process of getting the details for KidZone Fun Camp, July 19-23. iWonder what it will be 🙂