Coffee Breaks and Daddy Days

We all know that it’s important to spend quality time with our kids. But how do you do it? And what do you do. I knew someone who didn’t spend that much time with his kids, and when he did, they would watch a movie. I think the guy just didn’t know how to spend time with his kids. Here’s some of the things I’ve discovered along the way.
1) Me and my boys have a “Daddy Day” or “Coffee Break.” Each week try to take one of my boys out for coffee (winter) or for a walk or bike ride (summer). Just the two of us. These are some of my most precious memories, ever! “It’s just you and me old man” – Jari
2) Sometimes I leave my phone at home – that’s why there’s “No Picture Available.” Then I’m not distracted and can give him my undivided attention.
3) It might cost you a few bucks to go for coffee once a week. $3 a week – they’re allowed one treat, either a donut or hot chocolate. If you can’t afford that, maybe you need to revisit your spending habits.
4) Help them memorize one of the verses: one they’ve learned in KidZone, at church, or one of your favourites. Then discuss what it means and how to live it out. KidZone verses are often on FB or a link to a verse calendar is often on the KidZone site. 
5) Pray together – ask “If God did a miracle at your school, what would it be?”
6) Smile and say “I love you”
7) Find something to celebrate in their personality or character “I love how creative you are”
8) You can do it!