Christmas is Coming

“Christmas is coming, the bells are rising, hope comes alive as music fills the air.” Christmas is Coming by Jason Gray

Every year, many people have the conversation about when to put up the Christmas tree and start decorating. Some wait till after Nov. 11, others wait until Dec. 1, and others just make sure they have it done by Dec. 23.
As we get ready for Christmas, we will celebrate advent, which is a common practice to prepare our hearts for Christmas and focus our attention on our Saviour. What are your favourite ways to celebrate the Nativity and focus on Christ at Christmas? I’ve made a gift guide that you can look at to think about Christian gifts for your friends and family.

Ideas to Keep Focused on Christ every Christmas:

  1. Ask Good Questions and find Good Answers

    This is very important. Start by asking yourself questions “Why do I do this? Why do we celebrate this way? What does this Christmas Carol tell us about Jesus?” These questions can also be opportunities to have Faith conversations with your family. “What do you think this song means? Why do we do this tradition? Why do we give a little bit more at Christmas? Why do we bake for our neighbours?” Then seek out answers in the Bible.

  2. Pray for your neighbours

    Pray that they would have hearts and minds open to the Good News of Jesus during the Christmas season.

  3. Serve in your community

    Call the Salvation Army and volunteer to ring bells, especially close to Christmas, serve Christmas dinner at City Centre Church, give gifts for toy & winter coat drives.

  4. Love Your Neighbours

    After you pray for them, invite them over for supper, dessert or Christmas Dinner or the Church Christmas Banquet, bake for them, shovel their walk, or do whatever you can to be loving and caring

  5. Read Luke 2 Read it multiple times, asking God to teach you something new from His Word.

  6. Get a Christmas Devotional Book For yourself or your family

  7. Give gifts from the Alliance Justice and Compassion Catalogue that can make in impact around the world

  8. Go shopping with your family and purchase decorations and gifts, maybe from Kennedy’s Parable, that point to the Savior.

  9. Set Realistic Expectations You may not be able to bake 12 different kinds of cookies, take the perfect family photo, invite every neighbour over for Christmas dinner, buy the perfect gifts and ring the bells at the mall. So do what you can, guilt free, always fixing your eyes on Jesus.

  10. Worship God Be sure to take time to attend the worship service, the Christmas Eve

    Service (6:30pm), and spend time in genuine rest with God and in His Word

  11. Make a plan to live out your Christian faith throughout the whole year by being generous, serving and loving your neighbours.