Return to KidZone

It’s been an interesting year hasn’t it? We’re excited and thankful that we’ll be able to have kids running through our halls again and we can open up KidZone on March 28, 2021 for all ages.
  • KidZone yearly registration for the year will be online and parents will need to do this before they arrive at LHAC.
  • Families are also required to Register for each Sunday that they choose to come (so yes, there are two kinds of registration – an annual KZ registration, and weekly attendance registration)
  • Parents can either sanitize their kids’ hands upon entry to our facility, or escort their children to wash their hands in the bathroom after they check in
  • Upon arrival on a Sunday, our KidZone Welcome-er will write their names down and a parent can escort them to KidZone
  • All kids age 2-Gr.6 will be required to wear masks
  • Immediately after the service, a parent will head downstairs and pick up their kids
  • Our goal is to follow the Provincial Child Care Facilities guidelines as best we can 
If you have any questions or recommendations, please contact Pastor Tyler