Pop Up Websites

We’ve had the unfortunate experience of having inappropriate content pop up on our computer. It’s not good, especially when my young boys are around.
The first time, we were looking for colouring sheets (we do that A LOT). And the second time was when my son was at school, his teacher was teaching from the Smart board, looking at some research and something popped up.
1) What do you do? Stay calm and don’t panic. It unfortunately happens to many people. Don’t blame the computer or get defensive.
2) How can you protect against it? 
  • Get a family friendly router – we had one that could limit the time and content that devices were allowed to view. Bestbuy has a bunch to choose from. If you choose the Circle router, it has amazing features, but requires a subscription at some point
  • Keep computers and devices in public places
  • Don’t EVER let young kids take a phone to bed – you probably don’t want to know what age boys have their first experience with porn
  • All phones charge in a main room – not in bedrooms (parents included)
  • Set clear boundaries for screen time (no games/devices after supper, no devices in bedrooms, 1 hour a day, etc.)
3) Pray for your family each day – that they would be young men and women of purity
4) Brett Ullman has a video for parents on this and many other important topics – and they’re free!
Psalm 119:11 “I have hidden your word in my heartthat I might not sin against you.”