Refreshing Vacation Reading

Two weeks ago I went to our church library and picked up a copy of Last Cucumber on the VineThe story of Adriaan van Der Bijl and the transformation of the Nduga people.
It is an incredible privilege to read the history of what God did throughout the life of Adrain van Der Bijl. His commitment to the Nduga people was unwavering and incredible. The history of miracles that God did thought his time in Ndugaland are awesome. I find myself encouraged, amazed, and energized as I look ahead to how I can share these stories with my family, with others, and pray that I would be a willing servant to allow God to work mightily in my own life.
I was also surprised and amazed as I read about the others, like Elfrieda (Toews) van Der Bijl, that had an incredible ministry in Papua. It is remarkable how many people were medically trained, clinics established, believers baptized, and people discipled.
Praise God!
Now is a great time to buy your own copy of this encouraging book from our church office or on Amazon.

I’ve begun going over it again and reading the miracles to my children, especially the one about the mishap with Adriaan’s hand and the helicopter (p.197).

“We thank the Lord that you still have two hand to lift in praise to God.”