Speaking English

Today we got to meet the newest members of our team, Dan, Jenica and Jess. Jess is a local teenager, Dan and Jenica are International Workers who have been in Mexico for two years and are originally from Ontario.

Ray and Cindy are doing an amazing job guiding us through our days. They walked us through some team orientation and led us a team building activity called “floating sticks.” Then we went to Walmart looking for presents for our host families in San Pablito.

On our way to lunch, Shawna was able to encourage Jess in her English speaking, and her confidence was immediately noticeable. As we at lunch, Ray, Cindy and Jenica were amazed to see Jess speaking so fluently in English. Praise God for how he used Shawna’s influence as a teacher to speak truth and help her have confidence.

Once we arrived back at the Ministry Centre, we talked about what we would present and share during our workshop in San Pablito. We decided to teach a new song, act out the good Samaritan, sing the song again, and then share some truth from the scriptures: Since God loves us, we can love others, especially our parents.

In the evening, we were able to join an English conversation group here at the ministry center. As I looked around at the guests, I was amazed that I actually recognized one of the girls from 5 and a half years ago! At first, she didn’t understand what I was trying to say, but then I showed her a picture I had posted on Facebook and we’re part of a different group in Coyoacan having coffee. This was her first time to the group, and I pray that her time tonight will be a significant reconnection with people of faith so she will discover God’s love.

It was incredible to see how each member of our team was able to make a new friend and significant connection. Janaya was able to learn new phrases and build relationships that brought a joyful smile to her face. Nicolas had a fantastic conversation with another guy. And the Mexicanos were very thankful to have more English speakers to talk to. Praise God! I pray that these people we met with would find God and become part of his church.