MindMap My Life Network

Mindmapping is a fairly new way to think through and breakdown complex ideas to bite-sized pieces.  It's a perfect way to strategically visualize and pray through all the activities and relationships that make up your Life Network.  I don't know about you, but early in the morning my mind wanders, but mindmapping helps me stay focused and move from one thought and prayer need easily.

Use a different page for each part of your Life Network. I use a really BIG art pad with a spiral binding, so when it opens up, I use two pages as one big canvas.

I love everything Staedtler.

They're just better.  Sharpies are good too. All these can be got at Michael's or Staples.  You might have to special order the stencil.

  •   Mechanical Pencils. Common size leads are 0.07  but I prefer 0.09 the lines are cleaner.
  •   Markers
  •   Pencil Crayons
  •   Eraser
  •   Stencil to make circles and squares and triangles. 

My Life Network Prayer

Daily 'in Christ' affirmations from God's Word (God never lies)

Use My Life Network to really explore how you are now related to God in Christ. These verses are but a few of those ways.  Add more to your journal if you'd like. Spend time before you jump into all the 'asks' that you have on your mind, to really meditate on 'who' you are now inChrist.  Talk to God about it.  Wrestle with God if you have trouble believing what His Word says about you.  Learn to be IN Christ before you start your day, and as you move out into your Life Network, be reminded that this is who you are now, among your Family, Friends, at Work, in Church, doing your Interests and hobbies, and out in the world in general. 

Get a super BIG journal!

I went to Michael's to find mine.  It's a Canson art pad.  There are many sizes, with difference types of paper.  I happen to like the really thick paper, and spiral bound because sometimes I draw and write on my lap.  That way I don't need a table.  This would be helpful for kids journals because they often have their quiet time in their beds.   But a good mechanical pencil

Learn how to pray your relationship IN Christ. 

Learn how to pray strategically and how to model and teach this way of praying to your kids.