According to the Bible, my money is not really mine. I’m called by God to be a steward of His resources. I am in partnership with God to save a lost world. 

?Our church utilizes a offering envelope system to help simplify and account for your giving. You may get your free pack at the church office.  Just call the number below and click the email link and we’ll reserve you one.
A brochure is available from our church office that explains how giving works and where your donations go

Local Advance Fund

Your giving to this general fund helps us maintain our staff and facilities and do ministry locally.

 Global Advance Fund

Your giving to this fund helps us do ministry globally. This is how our denomination funds our missions program.


 Renovation Fund

Your giving to this fund contributes to our building renovations project.


Your donations through this page are processed for us by PayPal and are secure and go specifically to the fund you choose above. 

Please remember to print and keep your receipt right after you make your donation. A confirmation will also be emailed to you by PayPal after you conclude your giving. This is NOT your charitable donation receipt for tax purposes. The church will provide you an official receipt at tax time (March). Keep your online confirmations to ensure we account for your giving faithfully.