Do You Hear What I Hear

This week, our family began daily Advent verses as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. My son Zeke, in Kindergarten, noticed that John 3:16 is the verse for Christmas day. That surprised me because he is only in kindergarten and doesn’t know how to read. He said, “I hope I get to read John 3:16 verse because I know it.” With a thankful smile I said, “really? Lets hear it,” and he went on to recite it. Then I asked, “That wasn’t your KidZone verse last week, where did you learn it?”

And do you know what he said? “From Seeds Family Worship” Wow. He doesn’t know how to read, but he can listen to Gods Word wrapped in music. That’s amazing! Seeds Family Worship is a ministry that makes great music with professional lyric videos that is made up word-for-word of scripture. Three of their DVD’s are available in our church library and you can listen to a few of their songs for free on Youtube.
In a recent study by Lifeway, 2000 parents of young adults were surveyed to discover what are the largest influences in a kids’ life of faith. Number 4 was… Listening primarily to Christian Music. I don’t know about you, but this is good news because I LOVE listening to music. But why Christian Music? Well, let me ask you the questions:
  • Why do you listen to music?
  • Can music help you turn your attitude around?
  • Can music help you learn something?
  • Does music remind you of anything?
  • Has music ever impacted the people around you?
  • How does music make you feel?

And in all these ways, I desire to fix my eyes on Jesus, and I’ll bet you do too. People may have long discussions about why their genre is the best and the only genre people should listen to. I don’t want do argue about instruments or how old the song is or who wrote it or what genre it fits into. Lets fill our lives with Christ Centered faith filled music.

For this reason, I think the most important App on a Christian’s smartphone is a music app that enables you to listen to Christian Music. Personally I listen to the Air1 app or online every day. If I want to change it up, I listen to the parent station KLOVE. These two stations are rebroadcast hundreds of times throughout the United States, and it’s free to listen. Others like listening to the Christian Music genre of their choice on Spotify, that’s great too. 
AND Air1 & KLOVE also have Christmas stations, so you can listen to your favourite Christian artists Christmas albums all… day… long! Want some ideas for your Christmas shopping list? But them some Christian music from iTunes or at Kennedy’s.
Next week, I’m going to reveal the top 5 BIGGEST areas of impact in a kids faith from Jana Magruder’s book Nothing Less – Engaging Kids in a Lifetime of Faith. What do you think number #1 will be?